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▸ Digital Transformation of Paper Records

▸ More Effective Than PDF or .Docx File

▸ A Digital Twin to Digitally Represent Anything

Cost Effective Web Forms As Flexible As Paper,
More Powerful than .PDF and .Docx Forms

Cost Effective, As Flexible As Paper,
More Powerful than .PDF and .Docx Forms

Cost Effective, As Flexible like Paper
Better than PDF/Docx Forms

Web Forms

Create Web Forms as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Use Web Forms anyway you can imagine! Weather it is for Equipment Tracking, Supply Chain or a Task Step completion, eForms is the low-cost alternative to paper, PDFs or PC Documents.


Find Any Form by Any Criteria.

Locate anything! You've set eForms to have a 'Digital Twin' of all your assets, processes, and SOPs. Information about the asset is digitally available for search. Know everything!


eForms An Immutable Digital Ledger.

Does eForms Have Audit trails? Yes! With blockchain technology the system is the audit trail. Every changed Web Form entry is saved as a new immutable record! Bockchain delivers the best reliability and transparency. (Coming in 2018)


Interface With Manufacturing System

When interfaced with DeltaV, SAP, Maximo and other systems, eForms saves real dollars for organizations manually maintaining equipment tracking logs or other system logbooks.

Works With

eForms is the factory glue, binding data and activities together.


eForms The Best of Both Worlds!

Why Settle for Software Doesn't Fit Well?

Why Pay More for Custom Software?

Do you get costly custom software to meet your needs exactly, or do you forgo the long development and debug cycles and go with the boxed software solution that is available now? What good is software you can buy for less now if it doesn't do what you need? eForms was designed to leverage the advantages of both options into software that does not require a programmer to use.

Boxed App Advantages

  • Lower Cost
  • Easier to setup
  • Easier to Use

Custom App Advantages

  • Built to Your Spec.
  • Adaptive to Changes
  • Integrates with
          Existing Systems

Web Pages for Data Gathering. No coding skills required!