Dashboards Show Easy To Read Manufacturing Data

See it all on one page!

Do you have a lot of data and need it consolidated into one page? If the answer is yes, then you need a dashboard.

You have data. It just needs to be consolidated:

  • We’ll analyze where you have your data stored. We can work with your current staff or act on your behalf.

  • Data will then be stored or rolled up into a convenient Edge Database or server.

  • Your data will be then presented in a summary format that makes sense to you. This allows for quick spot decisions. Augment your daily decisions with concise data.

    Where is your data stored?

  • OPC Data, OPC Historians

  • Historical Data

  • Log data

  • Email

  • Web site data

  • Big Data Analytics with Hadoop


  • Grafana – an open source dashboard framework that we will configure for you. This can run on an internal or cloud server!

  • InfluxDB – An open source historian. We can pump all your time series data into an Edge server with all your critical data

  • Cloud – AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean


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